Friday, 22 October 2010

Ravenheart Music reviews 'Designed...'


(Psychophonic Records) Reviewed 20th September 2010

With the name Lesbian Bed Death, this could conjure up all kinds of musical ideas, and as for wearing their tee shirt at your Granny's birthday party - well maybe not :). Anyway, UK Midlands based LBD began life in 2004 being inspired by various Gothic Punk Bands, the band being a celebration of Sex, Drugs, Horror and Rock n Roll, combining the sinister with the puerile, the rage with the swagger and the Glam with the Gothic. This album is the band's second release with a production by Shaun Lowe (Broken Bones/The Damned/The Drifters). The music on offer is upbeat and certainly mixes the Glam with the Gothic, with a fair splash of Punk to boot! The uptempo opening salvo- the title track and the Vampyric 'Moonlight' certainly sets the feet tapping, lovely stuff! 'Drowning (In Your Love)' lowers the pace just a little, while at the same time showcases very well the cool and melodic vox of leading lady Luci4. 'Bela Lugosi's Back' (Bela Lugosi was best known for playing Count Dracula in the Broadway play and subsequent film version) is an awesome pounding rock song, while 'No Tears Please' ups the tempo once more. The record continues in a similar vein, with further highlights including the slower 'Without A Sound' (great harmony vocals), the punk sounding 'Mr Nastytime' (great piano intro btw), the heavy 'Catholic Sex Kitten' (super lyrics, if you like that type of thing :)) and 'Sinner'. This whole album will blow your mind away. It is melodic, it is catchy..okay, the lyrics may be 'X' rated at times, but who cares cos I don't. Check the band out at and then buy the cd on October 25th.....9/10 (Reviewed by Dave)

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