Born To Die On VHS

01. Fury
02. Dream Warriors
03. You Can't Hide From The Beast Inside
04. Scream Until You Like It
05. Pet Sematary
06. Hellraiser
07. Partytime (Zombie Version)
08. Lost In The Shadows (The Lost Boys)
09. He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)
10. Power Of The Night
11. Flesh
12. Born To Die On VHS
13. Heartbreaker (Bonus Track)

Release date:27th September 2019
Remixed/Remastered version by Steve Lethal: 11th May 2020
Cover art: Scott Jackson of Monsterman Graphic


Luci4 - Vocals
Mr Peach - Rhythm Guitar
Aimee Violet - Drums
Dani J Rankin - Lead Guitar

Additional vocals on Pet Sematary by Kitty Synthetica from Novacrow
Additional vocals on Hellraiser by Tanya Wilson from Destroy Planets
Additional vocals on Dream Warriors by Lilith from Lilith And The Knight
Lead guitar on Dream Warriors, Flesh, Born To Die On VHS, plus outro solos on Hellraiser, Power of the Night, Scream Until You Like It, He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) and additional licks on Lost In The Shadows (The Lost Boys) by Steve Lethal

Backing vocals on Fury by Adele De'Ath
Bass and Synths by Dani J Rankin.
Bass on Flesh and Born To Die On VHS by Steve Lethal

Fury recorded, mixed and mastered by Sam Bloor at Lower Lane Studios, Stoke-on-Trent (UK)
Drums (tracks 1-10 & 13) recorded by Sam Bloor at Lower Lane Studios, Stoke-on-Trent (UK)
All other tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alex Jockel at The Lizard Lounge, Stoke-on-Trent (UK)
*The album was fully remixed and remastered by Steve Lethal in 2020.

Born To Die On VHS is a covers album that also features three new tracks (Fury, Flesh, and Born To Die On VHS). The covers were chosen by Mr Peach and are all songs featured in some of his favourite Horror movies, mostly from the 80's.

01. Fury (Smith/Rankin)

The first original song completed for the album. It was written by Dani J. Rankin and Adele De'Ath (our singer who left the band before the album was finished). We filmed a music video for the original version in December 2018 which is on our YouTube channel. When Luci4 re-joined as our lead singer, we decided to keep the song and have Luci4 re-record the lead vocals for this album.

02. Dream Warriors (Lynch/Pilson)

This was originally recorded by Dokken for A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. Our version features some guest vocals from Lilith, lead singer of Lilith and the Knight. We also have ex-Burnt lead guitarist Steve Lethal playing the main and outro guitar solos.

03. You Can't Hide From The Beast Inside (Plunkett)

This is a cover of the Autograph classic which featured on the original Fright Night movie in 1985. The soundtrack is full of great songs but this one worked best for us.

04. Scream Until You Like It (Sabu/Esposito/Citron)

This song was written for W.A.S.P. for the movie Ghoulies II. It's such an iconic song in an absolute gem of a movie, we just had to do it.

05. Pet Sematary (Dee Dee Ramone/Daniel Rey)

This Ramones classic has been covered by many different bands over the years, after it appeared on the original Pet Sematary movie. The book by Stephen King is amazing too and well worth a read if you haven't already. Our version features guest vocals from Novacrow's lead singer Kitty Synthetica.

06. Hellraiser (Osbourne/Wylde/Kilmister)

Written by Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wylde, and Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister, this classic first came out on Ozzy's No More Tears album. Motorhead released their version a few months later on their legendary record March Or Die. It was the Motorhead version that was used in Hellraiser III, so our cover reflects that. We had Tanya Wilson from Destroy Planets add some backing vocals to our choruses.

07. Partytime (Zombie Version) (Cutler/Cancer/Bolles)

45 Grave re-wrote the lyrics to their song Partytime especially for the Return of the Living Dead soundtrack, hence '(Zombie Version)'. It ended up being arguably the best song on a very strong and undeniably influential soundtrack.

08. Lost In The Shadows (The Lost Boys) (Lou Gramm)

The Lost Boys soundtrack is another legendary album, packed full of classic tracks recorded especially for the movie. This song is definitely one of the stand-outs.

09. He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) (Cooper/Roberts/Kelly)

Taken from Alice Cooper's Constrictor album, this was written for Friday 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.

10. Power Of The Night (Mann/Vetter/Pettit)

This song was in Critters and was performed by the character Johnny Steele. The actor who played him, Terrence Mann, also co-wrote it and sang on it.

11. Flesh (Peach)

This was the first original song we did since the return of Luci4. It's a heavy, dirty, sexually charged beast of a song that nods to the classic-era Lesbian Bed Death but has a modern twist.

12. Born To Die On VHS (Allister/Peach)

This is the fastest, heaviest song we've ever done. We've had a few fans mention that we haven't done anything fast and Punk like Filth, Pretty But Mental, No Tears Please or Death By Stereo for some time. We have officially delivered. It's a snearing, aggressive monster that teeters on Hardcore. 

13. Heartbreaker (Gill/Wade) [Bonus Track] 
This song was chosen for us to cover by Raymond Kight via our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. We were so happy with our version that we had to include it. The song was originally written for and released by Jenny Darren in 1978, but a year later Pat Benatar released a version (with tweaked lyrics) that became her breakthrough single. The latter is the most famous version, but the original is great too.

Lesbian Bed Death June 2019 L-R Dani J Rankin, Luci4, Aimee Violet, Mr Peach (Photo by Paul Wergasow)

Lesbian Bed Death 2019
(Photo by Paul Wergasow)
Aimee Violet tracking drums at Lower Lane Studios

Mr Peach at The Lizard Lounge
Tanya from Destroy Planets doing some guest vocals