Tour Dates

We're taking The Witching Hour on the road!

Thur 18th November 2021 - Rebellion, Manchester (supporting Skarlett Riot)
Sat 4th December 2021 - Carpe Noctum @The Lending Room, Leeds (supporting Faces of Sarah)

Fri 10th December 2021 - Jollees, Stoke-on-Trent
This is a charity event. For details, visit the Facebook event page.
Sat 25th February 2022 - The Woodman, Stoke-on-Trent
Free admission. This is a special 'intimate' pub gig. We will be playing two 45 min (different) sets .
Sun 6th March Doctor Brown's, Middlesbrough
All-Dayer. We're the second-to-last band with Fallen Mafia headlining. Full details coming soon.
Sat 9th April - Alternative Model of the Year @Britannia Hotel, Didsbury, Manchester
Sat/Sun 10/11 September 2022 - HRH Goth (Festival)
All the info is on the HRH Goth website:

Thurs 27th October - The Brickmakers, Norwich