Tour Dates

Obviously, thanks to Coronavirus, we don't know when gigs will go ahead again. We're not booking anything before September 2021, as we don't want to mess about with cancellations. Who knows what's going to happen? Oh well, at least you'll have more time to learn the songs so you can sing along with us ;)

Sat 25th September 2021 - The Hive, Rotherham (CLICK HERE for Facebook event page)
£10 on the door
DAWN OF ELYSIUM-19.00-19-30
SYD 31-19-45-20-15
NOVUS( UK)-20-30-21-00
LESBIAN BED DEATH-22-30- 23-30

Sun 31st October 2021 - Eleven, Stoke-on-Trent (HALLOWEEN/ALBUM LAUNCH SHOW)
Info coming soon!