Lesbian Bed Death - Chains (Single) Artwork by David Edwards
Lesbian Bed Death - Chains (Single)

01. Chains
02. Seven Days (Re-imagined version by Lucas Swann)

This was the fourth Lesbian Bed Death digital single.

Kittie Racchea - Vocals
Mr Peach - Rhythm Guitar
Chuckmaster C - Lead Guitar
Danny Stigmata - Drums
Will Power - Bass

Both tracks written by Cooper/Harris/Heath/Peach/Rowley
Track 2 was remixed/re-imagined by Lucas Swann from the band Uninvited Guest.

Original tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by Andy Giblin at MCC Studios, Manchester (UK)

Remix mastered by Noah Mintz

Artwork by David 'Ed' Edwards

Release date: 8th March 2013