Designed By The Devil, Powered By The Dead

Lesbian Bed Death - Designed By The Devil, Powered By The Dead

01. Designed By The Devil, Powered By The Dead
02. Moonlight
03. Drowning In Your Love
04. Béla Lugosi's Back
05. No Tears Please
06. Without A Sound
07. Mr Nastytime
08. Sin When You're Winning
09. Catholic Sex Kitten
10. Retrosexual
11. Sinner
12. Drowning The Phoenix

When it came to make album number two, things were quite different. The band had played plenty of live shows and had built a fan-base. It now felt more like an actual band as opposed to a project. Consequently, unlike its predecessor, there were no special guests on this album. It was a more focused affair and a big leap forward in terms of writing, performance and production. Sadly, bassist Magic Andy quit the band on the first day in the studio before recording anything. Eventually, all of the bass parts were recorded by Chuckmaster C.  Shortly afterwards, the band brought on board Will Power as their new bassist.

Line up: 
Mr Peach – Rhythm Guitar
Chuckmaster C – Lead Guitar
Luci4 – Vocals
Danny Stigmata – Drums

Drums (Tracks 1,3,4,7-10,12), Bass & Keyboards performed by Chuckmaster C.
Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Shaun Lowe at Prism Studios, Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

All songs by Peach/Cooper
except 3 & 10 Allister/Peach/Cooper, 09 Allister/Peach/Cooper/Groombridge and 11 Peach/Cooper/Groombridge

Artwork & Graphic Design by Cavan McLaughlin. Cover photograph by Jason Weidner.

Release date: 25th October 2010