Flesh Video

We are raising funds to help pay towards our next music video, which will be for 'Flesh' from our current album Born To Die On VHS. We want to finish this current album cycle with a bang, and release an awesome music video for the song, before we get stuck into recording our new album later in the year.

Like most independent bands, we've had all of our gigs for the rest of this year cancelled (booo!) due to Coronavirus which has not only sucked the fun out of, well, virtually everything, but it's left us with a significant drop in income related to the face-to-face merch sales that we usually get from playing the gigs. This income has always been re-invested into Lesbian Bed Death as it keeps the band going and lets us do cool stuff like making new music videos!

Due to the costs involved, we're asking fans if they can help us out a little. If you donate £5 or more, we'll send you an MP3 of Flesh, a demo of an UNRELEASED song from our next album that we've been working on (please, please don't put it online- this is for the ears of our superfans only!), AND we'll also put your name in the video end credits.

Thank you for your help and continued support of Lesbian Bed Death. Now let's make an awesome new music video!
[UPDATE - It has now been filmed. Thank you so much, everyone!]