I Use My Powers For Evil

Lesbian Bed Death - I Use My Powers For Evil [2005] Album cover

01. Goth Girls Are Easy
02. What Would Satan Do?
03. Filth
04. I Use My Powers For Evil
05. Tour Bus
06. Everybody's Dead
07. The Party Man
08. She Wants It (Just Not From You)
09. Puppet On Black Strings
10. Pretty But Mental
11. Taste My Despair
12. Insatiable
13. Vampire Lover
14. Running In, Running Out [Bonus Track]

Our debut album. The guest musicans on this album reads as a 'Who's Who' from the local rock scene at the time. It was initially intended to be a 'one off' album, that was done purely for fun, and was expected to disappear fairly quickly. We could never have imagined the incredible response it received. Even now, many people herald it as a 'Cult Classic', which is a huge compliment. To us, it was just a group of friends having some fun. Who'd have known that it would spawn a monster?

When we started recording the album we had no lead singer as we'd already parted ways with our original vocalist Johnny Hell. We had six songs written, and the bones down of three more.  We recorded what we had and searched for a lead vocalist. A singer by the name of Leanne Allister contacted us via MySpace. We invited her to the studio for an audition after sending her some demo MP3s. She sang the song Filth and we were so impressed that her audition vocals ended up being used on the album. Leanne became Luci4, and the rest is history.

Mr Peach - Rhythm Guitar
Magic Andy - Bass
Luci4 - Vocals

Lead guitar on tracks 01, 08, 09, 10, & 14 by Danny Carden (later known as Vik Voodoo)
Lead guitar on tracks 03, 04, 06, 07, & 12 by Chuckmaster C
Lead guitar on track 2 by Matt Eardley
Lead guitar on track 5 by Steve Lethal
Lead guitar on track 13 by Kieron Berry
Drums by Russ Gwynne
Keyboards by Filthy Rich Kelham and Philsy
Backing vocals 05 Alex Jockel and 06 Nick McMullen and Dave Gibbons

All songs by Groombridge/Peach/Webb
01 Peach/Webb
02 & 13 Allister/Groombridge/Peach/Webb
03 Groombridge/Webb
06 Cooper/Groombridge/Peach/Webb
07 Allister/Peach/Webb
09 & 14 Allister/Carden/Groombridge/Peach
10 & 11 Allister/Groombridge/Peach
12 Cooper/Groombridge/Peach

Artwork and Graphic Design by Cavan McLaughlin

Produced, mixed and mastered by Alex Jockel at The Lizard Lounge Studios, Stoke-on-Trent

Release date: We think it was Feb 2006. When we know for sure, we'll update this.

L-R Magic Andy, Luci4, Mr Peach (Lesbian Bed Death December 2005)

Mr Peach
Luci4 and Magic Andy
Russ Gwynne looking how most of us felt
Alex Jockel and Magic Andy
L-R Mr Peach, Magic Andy, Luci4 (Photo by Evelyn Wolf)