2020 has been a crap year for most people so far. Fear not, for we are the vaccine needle ready to be jabbed right into its arse.

It's official! We're making a brand new album. We already have ten original songs fully demoed up, and a bunch more that we're working on too! We're planning on having thirteen brand new songs on the album, which will be titled 'The Witching Hour'. It's shaping up to be our best album yet.


If you took part in out last crowdfunder, which was to make the music video 'Flesh', you will have already heard the demo for the title track. We've also recorded a cover of Cliff Richard's Devil Woman, which we can't wait for you to hear!

We're planning to shoot several new music videos over the coming months too.

We need your help to make this new album.

As you probably already know, making albums and promoting them is very expensive, so we need to raise some funds. In the past, we used platforms like IndieGoGo and PledgeMusic, but this time we're going to do it ourselves. Obviously, Coronavirus has annihilated our touring plans, so we can't make any money from live shows right now, so it's important to us that this campaign is as successful as possible.

We're offering a few perks and pre-orders, all of which will be available via our BIGCARTEL shop. Click HERE to visit it.

Our campaign offers the following:

1. DIGITAL ALBUM (£10)  

When it's ready, you'll receive a link to the full album plus bonus tracks as 320kbps MP3's. [Click here].

2. CD ALBUM (£15) 

Every pre-order will be signed by the band and we will also print your name in the thanks list in the booklet, so your awesomeness will be immortalised. In addition, you will receive all of the tracks and any extra bonus material as MP3's. Please note that these CDs are professional glass mastered CDs (like the ones you get in the shops, not CDRs) - only the best for you! [Click here].


Screen printed T-Shirt, designed by the amazing Marcus Jones. This design isn't available anywhere else. Available in all sizes! You'll also receive a link to download the album as MP3's. [Click here].


4. CD + T-SHIRT BUNDLE (£30)

Yes! This is option one and two combined as a killer deal. [Click here].


This is the option that money was invented for. You'll get the album on CD (signed with your name in the booklet), the T-Shirt, a signed Poster, a signed photo, an artwork postcard, and an exclusive, signed and numbered CDR album of unreleased demos that no-one else will get to hear, a badge, and an artwork sticker. Oh, and you'll get a digital copy of the album, and any extras we decide to give away too. After all, you're a superfan! Nothing's too good for you! [Click here].


A magnificent choice! This is no acapella or acoustic guitar live noncence. This is full-band, amps to eleven, power! We will professionally record, mix and master a song of your choice, and it will sound amazing. Click here to hear our take on Heartbreaker as an example. If you're up for this, please contact us via social media to we can approve your choice. It can be a famous song, or maybe one of your own? Whatever. Let's talk. [e-mail dan (at)danpeach.co.uk about this option].


There's also the option of just giving us your hard earned money! If you'd simply like to make a donation to the greatest band in the world (that's us by the way), you can do that via this PayPal button. Thank you! :)


Oh, we're not done! Throughout the recording process, we'll be uploading 'behind the scenes' videos of us recording, making music videos, talking about the songs, and all kinds of things. You'll be on the journey with us every step of the way. How thoroughly exciting!  

And there's even more! We acknowledge that the cost of shipping overseas has increased significantly. To soften the blow of these costs, you will receive some exclusive bonus tracks plus everyone who purchases a physical item will receive a digital copy of the mini-album, The Plague Sessions.

All CDs/T-SHIRTS etc will posted out at the same time in 2021 as soon as the album's ready.