The Devil's Bounty Hunters

Lesbian Bed Death - The Devil's Bounty Hunters Artwork by Iris Compiet

01. Dark Passenger
02. Drained by Love
03. Ghost in the Mirror
04. Death by Stereo
05. Skin Crawler
06. Damage the Sound
07. Lonely Assassins
08. Never Get Enough
09. Broken
10. The Day Becomes the Night

Bonus Tracks:
11. Seven Days (Unplugged)
12. Béla Lugosi's Back (Unplugged)
13. Everybody's Dead (Unplugged)

The Devil's Bounty Hunters was the band's fourth studio album and was recorded in the summer of 2013. In the previous months, the bassist and drummer had quit the band, leaving just the core three members left. Unable to tour, the band decided to get back in the studio and capitalise on the creativity that was flowing at the time.

There's an article about this album on Mr Peach's blog. There are plenty of photos and a track-by track break down of the record. Click HERE to read it. 

The band also recorded a cover of the Sisters of Mercy classic, When You Don't See Me during the session at Chapel Studios. It was given away to fans who supported the crowd-funding campaign via PledgeMusic.

Kittie Racchea - Vocals
Mr Peach - Rhythm Guitar
Chuckmaster C - Lead Guitar

Bass, Drums & Hammond Organ performed by Chuckmaster C
Synths by Kittie Racchea

All tracks by Rowley/Cooper/Peach
11 (Rowley/Cooper/Peach/Harris/Heath)
12 (Cooper/Peach)
13 (Peach/Webb/Groombridge/Cooper)

Artwork by Iris Compiet

Produced and engineered by Ewan Davies and Fran Wheeldon at Chapel Studios, Lincolnshire (UK).
Mixed by Ewan Davies.
Bonus tracks produced, engineered and mixed by Paul Hume at Summerbank Studios, Stoke-on-Trent (UK)
All tracks co-produced by Lesbian Bed Death
Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering

Release dates: 9th December 2013 (to fans via PledgeMusic). Rest of world 25th February 2014.

Lesbian Bed Death 2013 L-R Chuckmaster C, Kittie Racchea, Mr Peach (Photo by Ed Firminger)
Mr Peach (Photo by Ed Firminger)
Kittie Racchea (Photo by Ed Firminger)
Chuckmaster C (Photo by Ed Firminger)
Lesbian Bed Death 2013 L-R Mr Peach, Kittie Racchea, Chuckmaster C (Photo by Ed Firminger)
Lesbian Bed Death 2013 L-R Mr Peach, Kittie Racchea, Chuckmaster C (Photo by Ed Firminger)

Chuckmaster C recording drums at Chapel Studios
Ewan Davies
Chuckmaster C tracking bass with Fran Wheeldon
Not sure what's going on here
Chuckmaster C tracking lead guitar
Mr Peach with his trusty Gibson BFG