Wednesday 15 March 2023


HRH GOTH UPDATE: We’ve had a number of queries regarding our appearance at Hard Rock Hell Goth, plus some about the event itself, so for the sake of transparency, here’s what we know:

We were originally booked to play HRH Goth 2022 at the O2 in Leeds. We were extremely excited, especially as we’d be supporting bands we loved such as The 69 Eyes, The Awakening, and New Model Army. Unfortunately, the show was rescheduled to September 2023, and the venue was moved to a different city, Sheffield. No refunds were offered to fans.

Over the last few months, we have seen all of the aforementioned bands, plus others, pull out of the show. The 69 Eyes publicly cited “breach of contract”. Lord of the Lost were announced as a new headliner, but their appearance is not mentioned on their website, and the show is not included on their online UK tour poster. Suspicious?

There has also been chaos regarding other HRH events with several big bands advertised as playing who have publicly stated that they aren’t. HRH’s Hammerfest had a huge number of bands pull out of that show which doesn’t bode well.

Over the last few weeks, we have e-mailed HRH Goth several times and did not get a response until today, where they said it was definitely going ahead. That’s all the information offered.

HRH Goth recently changed their Facebook page name to HRH Blues, suggesting that HRH Goth isn’t a ‘thing’ anymore. We also checked the listing on the O2 website, and there’s no mention of HRH Goth there either. Instead, on 30th September, there’s HRH Punk with nothing listed for the 29th.

Basically, if you booked a ticket for HRH Goth last year, several of the bands you paid to see aren’t playing. They may even tell you that you now have a ticket for HRH Punk instead, so you may not get to see a single band you paid to see. If the event does go ahead, let’s not forget it’s also in a different city now.

If you have paid for a ticket, we believe that you should absolutely be entitled to a refund if you would like one. If they refuse, go to your bank, ring your credit card company and ask for a ‘charge back’. Don’t let them get away with this, it’s your money, not theirs!

In conclusion, we have no idea if HRH Goth is technically going to go ahead or not. If it does, it won’t bear much of a resemblance to the original festival advertised. So we have decided to pull out of this nonsense, and Lesbian Bed Death won’t be playing. We have a full headline UK tour waiting to be announced for September, so if any promoters want to put us on somewhere on 29/30 Sept, please get in touch with our manager.

Thank you to all the legit promoters who work so hard for our scene, and to the fans who buy the tickets that keeps live music alive and well. We couldn’t do what we love doing the most without your continued support!

Lesbian Bed Death

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