Saturday 1 April 2023

Our new album: SATANIC SYMPHONIES (with the London Philharmonic Orchestra)


We are proud to announce our new album and collaboration with the world famous London Philharmonic Orchestra: SATANIC SYMPHONIES.

This is a collection of classic Lesbian Bed Death songs re-imagined with a classical twist. Hear the band's legendary songs as never before.

"I feel that, for us as artists, it is important for us to explore new musical directions and this opportunity to work with a full live orchestra was one that we could not miss. We are all overjoyed with how this record turned out". - Mr Peach (LBD Guitarist).

Track list:

01. I Use My Powers For Evil
02. Goth Girls Are Easy
03. Bela Lugosi's Back
04. Halloween
05. Chains
06. Death By Stereo
07. Book Of The Dead
08. Flesh
09. The Witching Hour

The CD version is strictly limited to 1000 copies worldwide, so CLICK HERE to order yours today!