Sunday 18 June 2023

LESBIAN BED DEATH announce crowd-funder/pre-order for new album 'MIDNIGHT LUST'

CLICK HERE to pre-order our new album MIDNIGHT LUST

We are very excited to announce that our crowd-funder for our new album, MIDNIGHT LUST, is now live! We’ve been busy working on the tracks in the studio with our producer Steve Lethal and we’re pleased to say that we’re about 75% of the way there already, but we need YOUR help to finish it.


To get things started, here is the album artwork which we commissioned with the acclaimed horror artist, Scott Jackson of Monster Man Graphics. He brought the band’s concept of our Gorgon mascot depicted as the Grim Reaper to life, whilst paying tribute to the classic Hammer Horror aesthetic.


This highlights the theme of horror and death which runs through the new album. Whether it’s resurrecting mummies from their tombs, joining in satanic sex parties with vampires, or being poisoned by a toxic love, MIDNIGHT LUST will tear your soul apart.


So, are you ready to join our cult? We have several pre-order options available as part of this crowd-funder including two brand new T-Shirt designs, as well as our popular Superfan Packs. Choose your favourites and help us to make MIDNIGHT LUST become a reality.


We are aiming to release MIDNIGHT LUST on the 1st September 2023 so we don’t have long – get your pre-orders in NOW!


Thank you for your continued support

LBD xxx