Thursday, 1 April 2021

New All-Star Tribute album to LESBIAN BED DEATH announced!

We're proud to announce that Koalemos Records are releasing 'Everybody's Dead'- A Tribute To Lesbian Bed Death.

It's no secret that, despite being an 'underground band', we have built a strong cult following over the years, and our influence has reached millions of people all across the world. 

Artists who have recorded cover versions of our songs include Metallica, Ghost, Danzig, The Wildhearts, The 69 Eyes, Halestorm, and many more. 

The full track-listing is:

01. Metallica - The Scorpion
02. Ghost - Bela Lugosi's Back
03. The Misfits - Moonlight
04. Halestorm - Halloween
05. In This Moment - Evil Never Dies
06. Judas Priest - Designed By The Devil, Powered By The Dead
07. The Wildhearts - Born To Die On VHS
08. The 69 Eyes - I Use My Powers For Evil
09. Turbonegro - Goth Girls Are Easy
10. New Years day - Soul Sucker
11. Backyard Babies- Pretty But Mental
12. Danzig - Flesh
13. Infected Rain - Dark Passenger
14. Paradise Lost - Everybody's Dead

Available worldwide 31/04/21. CLICK HERE to order your copy!