Sunday, 28 March 2021


SURPRISE!! Meet 'The Plague Sessions'.

A while back, we said that, due to the ever-rising costs of postage (especially for our friends outside of the UK), we would be giving everyone who bought something physical from our Witching Hour crowd-funding campaign a killer treat to lesson the blow.

The Plague Sessions is a digital only mini-album featuring re-recordings of classic LBD songs with Luci4 on vocals. We're keeping the track-list a secret at the moment, but all will be revealed soon.

If you've pre-ordered a CD, T-Shirt, or Superfan pack from the campaign, you will automatically receive a digital copy of The Plague Sessions when you receive your MP3's of the studio album and the other exclusive bonus tracks. 

If you only pre-ordered something digital and want to upgrade, that's cool. Just message us.

You haven't pre-ordered The Witching Hour yet? The campaign finishes at the end of April, so get on it. We need your support and will love you forever. CLICK HERE.